Love Yourself First


kittyGo look in a mirror.  Then say “I love you” to the reflection.  Then believe it.  Once you love yourself, only then can you love someone else.  Once you learn to love yourself, you remove all self doubts, you gain more confidence, and you believe in your own abilities!

How many of us have negative emotions?  How many doubt our own abilities?  Our own minds are stopping us from achieving many things in life!!  Happiness is a choice we make every morning!  Successful people make a choice every morning to win at whatever they want to do.  But what is stopping us?

Our minds!  Our own love for our own self!

There are people who love themselves a bit too much, however.  We’re not talking about those.  The people who constantly have to take selfies, and watch the “Likes” and comments grow, are not the ones I am talking about.  I’m talking about the one who says every morning “thank you, I’M ALIVE!”  Those who say “yeah, I can do this” and set about their minds to make things work.  These people are so confident, that even if they fail, they get back up and find what caused the failure, then learn.

That’s how we’ve grown as human beings!  Entire civilizations were built by people who believed anything can be achieved.  We’ve been to the moon, AND BACK!!

Positive actions, create positive responses.  But it can’t be achieved if we don’t believe in our own selves.

So do yourself a favour and go in front of a mirror and tell yourself “I love you”.  Then while you’re alive, be the positive influence for others.  Make it that your legacy in this short life we have is pure unadulterated AWESOMENESS!!

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