Investing in Yourself

I’ve been MIA on blogging lately.  Life has been very busy, and very very recently I discovered journaling.  It’s been an amazing trip for me because it’s helping me to write my thoughts down every morning, and in the evening.  Sometimes the magical journey with my words comes out pretty good, and I can spend about 30 minutes in while I drink my morning smoothie spewing good thoughts to help me push throughout the day.  Sometimes it’s just for me, and sometimes I’ll post them up on this blog.  Nevertheless, this whole writing thing is pretty awesome.

I’ve read about how important it is to invest in yourself.  Whether it’s to have some alone time, physical, mental, spiritual, educational, and even happiness, we have to make time to improve and progress in all that we do.

All of this is from daily routines which eventually become habits.  For me it hurts to wake up at 5AM, just to exercise and stretch, but I’m getting used to it.  I’m super sleepy every morning, but everyday I’m consistently going after it.

I feel that it’s really all about mindset.  Progression is a choice we all have to make.  If we want to progress and improve on anything, we have to actively choose to do so.  By not choosing to progress is choosing mediocrity or worse — regression.  Herein lies despair, sadness, self-hate, depression, etc.  I would know.  My mind has been at constant war for nearly 30 years.

So I made several choices to help me progress in my life: I chose to read nine books in 2017; I made a choice to do something about my back pain with stretches and exercises; I made a choice to wake up to be happy and grateful.

God (the universe, or whatever floats your boat), gave you everything you need in life to be awesome.  The exact talents and skills I have was given for the duties I have in my life and in my Church.  Now, bit-by-bit and step-by-step, I’m moving ahead mentally, physically and spiritually.

Sometimes we will fall, but it’s no reason to beat yourself up, or give up.




Now go GET IT!

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