Visualizing & Goal Setting

There are a lot of motivational speakers nowadays who speak of visualizing and goal setting. This really is not a new thing!

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The mere act of visualizing and goal setting has been around for a very long time, all it took are these motivational speakers to regurgitate the same idea over and over until it sinks into our heads.

Do we need to watch motivational videos & podcasts on a daily basis to keep us going?

No. Not really.

What we really need to do is simply get off our butts! We can have many ideas of what we want to do, over plan for the goals, but if we don’t move towards it we’re just wasting our time. It’s all about EXECUTION and moving forward.

So whatever you want to do in life, be it to make it to the NBA, NHL, have a multimillion dollar enterprise, or even just to get the girl, you can’t get there without action. If you are what you constantly think about, it will come out in your actions.

When you have a purpose and passion, nothing can stop you.

For me, I’m a huge fan of writing my goals for the year down at the end of the previous year, and posting in up on my bulletin board at home or in my day planner. This way I can make sure that what I want to accomplish this year will happen because every day that I look at my goals I take another step towards it.

How about you? Do you set goals for yourself? How do you keep yourself motivated?

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