Alone Time & Coffee

Nearly every morning I write in my journal with a fountain pen and enjoy drinking a cup of coffee. I continue to find the benefit of being alone to write uninterrupted. Armed with either an espresso or a regular cup of coffee, plus quiet mornings, then I’ve got an awesome start of the day, and I find that it’s super beneficial for my mind.  If I add in a workout beforehand, and now I’ve got the perfect morning routine down pat.

I recently starting using a Leuchtturm1917 journal and I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality of the paper, especially when paired with my Hugo Boss or Lamy Safari fountain pen. When I hear the fine scraping sounds of the pen to paper, it’s very inspiring to keep writing, and the ideas can keep flowing! Most especially if the coffee is awesome.

When I’m writing lately, I reflect on my life and think of the challenges I have faced personally, as well as remembering the stories and experiences of others, and how we worked through and overcame them. The best part of challenges is the opportunity for growth. You get to learn, which gives you wisdom. It will hurt as you go through it, but with patience, it will be over. Then you become a better person and leader because of it.

Every person in your life has a purpose; they are there to help you learn – go grow and bloom into the person you do not yet know you will become. 

Keep your eyes open and your mind clear: KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

I hope you too can find solace & inspiration writing your thoughts down. It’s been a life saver for me, and I also find that it’s a fantastic start to my day.

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