The Wonders & Questions of Space Exploration

I’m both intrigued and questioning the idea of space exploration and colonizing the planet Mars.

On one side, the very idea that humans can possibly inhabit another planet sounds really amazing and very possible.  It’s what kids who grew up with Star Wars, and Star Trek are all about.

But on the other side, what’s the point if we can’t even take care of our planet right now? Global warming, plastic pollution, the continued dependence on oil, and widening poverty are only some of the problems that exist in our current state in the world. Would the money being raised for space exploration be best used to help solve these current problems; or are these venture capitalists hoping to just leave Earth behind to pollute another planet?

My hope is that both can be accomplished. How awesome would it be to explore space, but also how awesome would it be to be able to create a sustainable economy and future for the next several generations?

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