You do you, booboo

Social media allows people to post and posture all the highlights of their life. Unfortunately this also creates a compulsive comparison we ultimately end up creating in ourselves.

What “we” don’t see are the struggles one meets in order the get from “here” to “there”. All we see are the achievements.

Some aren’t real, and some are. We can’t distinguish one from the other.

What do we do?

Compare your today from your yesterday. Stay in your lane and focus on what’s ahead- be that your career that you will enjoy (not the one that your parents said to do, but don’t like), your entrepreneurial goals, or even voluntary works.

Don’t look at anyone else’s “achievement”. If they hit hard everyday to succeed, you didn’t see that. If they cried asking how to get out of a rut, depression or anxiety, you didn’t see that. All you saw is the vacation, but you didn’t see the debt it incurred. You saw the Benz, but didn’t see the ramen for lunch and dinner. You saw the successful business, but not the 20 hour work day.

Be happy where you are, and enjoy the process. For me, I trusted God for the guidance, and I worked my butt off for everything and everyone around me. Now I realized, that I’ve never lost. I learned valuable lessons.

I woke up again today, and another day I’m winning.

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